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There’s a monster in my bed as well as under it


Lucy Dominga

Columbus, Ohio

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Lucy Dominga and Mizz Amanda Marie by Brian Matthew

Baby says she’s dying to meet you

Lucy Dominga by Aureole photo

I’ll eat you whole

Lucy Dominga by Anon

Happy birthday to me! Crawling into bed right now for the rest of the evening ;)

Lucy Dominga by Humberto Patron

Digital painting by British illustrator Chris Down based on a photo by Marcus Ranum.

Just saw this for the first time today, but it may have been floating around for a while. So weird how I’m out there in random places I don’t even know about!

Lucy Dominga by Chris Down


Lucy Dominga by Anon

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Using words can be likened to a deep sea diver who is swimming with a raincoat

Lucy Dominga by Chas Ray Krider

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New studio set with one of my faves <3

Lucy Dominga by Chas Ray Krider

When the evening is spread out against the sky

Lucy Dominga by Anon

This photo of me is featured in the Panty Room of the newly re-modeled Motel Fetish website! Stop by and give Chas a little love <3

Lucy Dominga by Chas Ray Krider