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Sorry I missed Valentine’s Day… Hope you all celebrated appropriately ;)

Lucy Dominga by Anon

Look here now, peace in the valley

Lucy Dominga by Larry YSO

Stop moving and shake this riddle off

Lucy Dominga by Anon

There’s a monster in my bed as well as under it


Lucy Dominga

Columbus, Ohio

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Did you flinch, did you care?

Lucy Dominga by Anon

They live in the trees

Lucy Dominga by Larry YSO

They live in the trees

Lucy Dominga by Larry YSO

I’ve always loved these shots. And I still have that collar and those kitty ears :)



2009 Chip Willis (via Where Professional Models Meet Model Photographers - ModelMayhem)

Old Lucy Dominga shoot. She was so much fun!

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May the 4th be with you

Lucy Dominga by Tanya Dakin

Wish you were here

Lucy Dominga by Anon

Happy birthday to me! Crawling into bed right now for the rest of the evening ;)

Lucy Dominga by Humberto Patron

Digital painting by British illustrator Chris Down based on a photo by Marcus Ranum.

Just saw this for the first time today, but it may have been floating around for a while. So weird how I’m out there in random places I don’t even know about!

Lucy Dominga by Chris Down

Little preview of a set I did with artist Peter Green #model #art #nude #painting

Lucy Dominga by Peter Green

Happy Valentines Day, lovers ;)

Lucy Dominga by Oh Starry Eyes

Chas sent me this little joke today…I’m not into football myself, but wouldn’t this be a fun new twist on the sport? ;)

Lucy Dominga by Chas Ray Krider