Here are some quick answers to questions I get a lot. Now you know!

How old are you? 25

When/how did you start modeling? I started modeling in early 2009 after I met Wolfgang Parker, a very talented photographer and musician in Columbus. We became fast friends and he convinced me to model for him. Though I had not intended for it to become a lifestyle or a career choice, it evolved very quickly as I was introduced to other photographers in the area. Everything just kind of exploded from there.

What is your racial background? My father is 100% Mexican, and my mother is German-Irish. That makes me half Mexican, 1/4 German, and 1/4 Irish. I identify myself as Hispanic, since that is the majority of my heritage.

But you look Asian… Yes, I do. But I’m not. It’s actually a pretty common for Mexicans to have slanted eyes similar to Asians, and that coupled with my mixed coloring and small size makes me look more Asian than Latin. But I have absolutely no Asian DNA.

How tall are you? / What are your measurements? 5’0” 30-23-30, pant size 00, shoe size 5.

How do you stay thin? I do not do anything specific to stay skinny. I have a very high metabolism, which is the sole reason for my small size. I do not exercise and I don’t think I could stick to a diet if my life depended on it. I’m just that special kind of lucky that makes women hate me. Sorry. 

Do you travel? Not anymore. Sorry.

Your sex video is gone! Where can I see it? Yes, I had posted a short clip from a sex tape on my blog. And yes, it was awesome. But sadly, it was too awesome for mortal eyes, and it was removed by the Tumblr police. It had a good run, but the video is gone and it is not available anywhere now. I will not upload it to another site. I will not send it to you. I will not sell it to you. Sorry.

What is your sexual orientation? Straight.

Do you do adult films? No.

Do you shoot with men? No.

Do you shoot with other women? Yes.

How do your family and friends feel about your work? My family sees only the photos I show them, and they do not know that I do nude work. My friends are split half and half, some know and some do not. I wish it could be different, but I was not raised in an environment that is accepting of sexual expression.

What body mods do you have? I have 17 piercings in total. 12 are ear piercings (4 in each lobe, one in my left cartilage, 3 in my right cartilage). I also have both nipples, navel, and 2 barbells in my nape. No tattoos.

Is your hair always short? My hair has been short since I was 15, and I do not plan to grow it long again. It varies in length every now and then, but it is always short.

How can I contact you? lucydominga at gmail dot com

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